Our Little Story - Hello!

The Sticker Site began life in 2012 when I started "Beautiful Nursery.com; a website selling all types of baby things. A friend of mine bought me some fantastic Baby Monthly Stickers from America and as I was searching for a unique product for the website, I thought I would have a go at designing some myself. A rather large and sophisticated printer was purchased and off I went!

Me (& Teddy)

In 2014 Baby Monthly Stickers become the main part of the business and so, after changing the name to The Sticker Site, I decided to continue with stickers. Developing different ranges for birthday party bags, Christmas and now in 2020, stickers for schools. We are also immensely proud to support the charity Kicks Count. Kicks Count have been our chosen charity for over 4 years and thanks to our wonderful customers, we have raised over £3000! 

The Sticker Site is now a small team of sticker angels, all working hard to produce the best stickers whilst consistently aiming to deliver excellent customer service. As a collective we love listening to 80's pop, eating a silly amount of chocolate and mainly smiling our way through the day!

Here's to many more years!! Thank you for your wonderful support! We love you all! (too cheesy?) 

​​​​​​​Legal stuff:
The Sticker Site Limited 
Registered in England & Wales. Company registration number: 10820566
VAT number: GB 265052319
The Sticker Site is a Trade Mark in Great Britain and Northern Ireland